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  • The mysterious Android 21 makes her first in-game appearance. What are her motives and whose side is she on?… https://t.co/G7BLyJU778 23/Sep/2017 17:00:03
  • Jump into #SAO Fatal Bullet and traverse the world of Gun Gale Online as your own customized character! You are now… https://t.co/RkuTAotz3k 23/Sep/2017 15:00:09
  • Who is the queen? What is the Red Mist? Watch the TGS trailer and discover the truth for yourself when CODE VEIN la… https://t.co/vHl3JZtaAJ 23/Sep/2017 13:00:04
  • Join us now for a special Dragon Ball FighterZ stage show live from Tokyo Game Show @ https://t.co/igEOC94nW8! 23/Sep/2017 07:02:30
  • What evil plans do Frieza & Frost have for our heroes? Will Gohan be able to stop them? Catch the episode:… https://t.co/IQTpnqPNuV 23/Sep/2017 03:00:05
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