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  • "It's hard to say which side first pulled the trigger that plunged us into this chaos" Fight in the skies and join… https://t.co/lUBrxzLWhQ 24/Jul/2017 22:00:07
  • With an updated physics engine, cars will drive more like the real thing! Get behind the wheel and preorder now:… https://t.co/csciSUvbI7 24/Jul/2017 19:00:05
  • RT @RPGSite: Bandai Namco posted a 30-minute playthrough of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom's E3 2017 demo https://t.co/rDS2LTK8w4 https://… 24/Jul/2017 15:11:35
  • Digi-Destined! Introducing new characters and new games modes - Check out the screenshots and let us know what you… https://t.co/mf2raG1iod 24/Jul/2017 13:04:41
  • RT @turnamint: "Who's Takin' Tekken?!" @BandaiNamcoUS @DKhlynin #tekken7 #tekken https://t.co/PrvDwn38a7 24/Jul/2017 04:46:44
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