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  • RT @Kotaku: The next Naruto game lets players make their own damn ninja. https://t.co/rv4hbsTEIo https://t.co/NrvAckZ3E0 22/Aug/2017 18:09:58
  • RT @BandaiNamcoEU: #DragonBallFighterZ is a @IGN People’s Choice nominee at #Gamescom17! What are you waiting for? Vote now! https://t.co/v… 22/Aug/2017 16:57:05
  • Webpage is up: https://t.co/4Zg3EnWk4t https://t.co/Yfqw2m97cn 22/Aug/2017 16:38:06
  • We'll put out another tweet, letting people know when the web page is up. Thank you for your patience. https://t.co/Yfqw2m97cn 22/Aug/2017 16:36:10
  • [US Only] ATTN: If you're in the US, you will NOT eligible for the EU Closed Beta. Sign up here when the page is up… https://t.co/OKOVYTaG8S 22/Aug/2017 16:21:05
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