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  • The evolution of the Xenoverse knows no end! The Extra Pack 4 for #DragonBallXenoverse2 releases tomorrow (Dec. 19… https://t.co/pGFACBoNqi 18/Dec/2018 15:19:11
  • Wielding Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty, 2B from Square Enix’s @NieRGame joins the battle of souls and sword… https://t.co/oJcNmOGI6y 18/Dec/2018 14:00:28
  • The new “Survival Exercise” mode arrives today in #Naruto to Boruto #ShinobiStriker. Discover the new Chunin Exam A… https://t.co/Y4azUytYuO 17/Dec/2018 15:00:42
  • New adventures await you in the world of Gun Gale Online. The Complete Edition of #SAO #FatalBullet and the expansi… https://t.co/Itd0kMVTJd 17/Dec/2018 13:01:29
  • @Xepahr And it's far from being over. Keep an eye on the news in the upcoming days! 😁 17/Dec/2018 10:30:01
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