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  • New adventures await you in the world of Gun Gale Online. The Complete Edition of #SAO #FatalBullet and the expansi… https://t.co/Itd0kMVTJd 17/Dec/2018 13:01:29
  • @Xepahr And it's far from being over. Keep an eye on the news in the upcoming days! 😁 17/Dec/2018 10:30:01
  • Dress in festive colors for the holidays, like the Golden Don-Chan character DLC for Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fu… https://t.co/2hzr4820gu 17/Dec/2018 10:00:32
  • A new stage unveils for JUMP FORCE! Marineford merges with Tokyo from the real world to create a deadly fire and ic… https://t.co/ngHqQaLm1K 16/Dec/2018 13:00:15
  • Give a PLUS ULTRA vibe to your PS4 with the duality theme from #MyHeroOnesJustice ! Hero or villain, it’s FREE for… https://t.co/Zpmhb6fGrY 15/Dec/2018 16:00:24
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